Combat Inflammation – Elimination

Some easy first steps to combat inflammation. ELIMINATION:

1.  Eliminate refined sugar from your diet.  All refined sugar (white/brown), high fructose corn syrup, sugar alcohols (malitol, xylitol, etc.), artificial sweeteners (splenda, equal, sweet ‘n low), etc.

2. Eliminate all drinks except water, lemon water & herbal teas.  Take a break from coffee, soda, juice, milk, sports drinks, commercial ‘water’ drinks.

3. Eliminate processed (boxed) foods.  Crackers, chips, bars, breads, pretzles, muffins, cereals, etc.

If you need to ease into this battle with Chronic Systemic Inflammation, begin by choosing one of the above at a time.  Which one will be the easiest for you?  Which one the hardest?  Leave your comment below!

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